From Baby Life Home to Saphalta HIV Shikshya Sadan (first Nepali school for HIV-infected children)

Innocent HIV infected children were deprived of their basic rights to a formal education. Nepal’s first school for openly identified HIV-positive children, Saphalta HIV Sikshya Sadan, was established in order to guarantee the rights of proper education for HIV-infected children.

Everyone deserves the best start in life, which is to provide education to the world's most vulnerable children. Here case is; education for HIV-infected children. In third world country HIV-education is common and normal topic of discussion but nobody was concerned and talking about education for HIV-infected children. Due to the lack of Public awareness and understanding of this virus, education for HIV-infected children was never even in the topic of discussion. All the public and private schools still reject to give admission to children with HIV-infection in Nepal. To overcome these situation Rajkumar Pun establish school name "Saphalata HIV Shikshya Sadan".

The initiative to stop concealing HIV status made by Baby Life Home led to the establishment of Saphalta HIV Shikshya Sadan (meaning: Progressive HIV Education Home) in the Nepali year 2067 B.S. (2011 A.D). Saphaltala HIV Shikshya Sadan is Nepal's first school/orphanage to publicly support education for HIV-infected children without concealing their HIV status and guaranteeing their rights for education under caring environment. The founder of babylife home (Raj Kumar Pun) didn't have any alternative other than to form this school, since the public and private schools denied admission to HIV infected children. School was established in 2068 B.S. (2011 A.D.), acquiring permission from Kirtipur Municipality to teach the lower-primary education levels. After establishing this school Rajkumar struggled continuously on the process approval to officially provide higher level education courses for these children. After long struggle of Rajkumar, his school finally get government permission to give academic education for HIV-infected children. And this is first school for HIV-infected children. His goal to pursue an academic education to these children is now finally moving forward.