Due to lack of proper education, when children first came in our home almost all of them were very scared thinking that they will die soon. Which is very heart breaking situation for any human to feel especially children. Children should be given age-appropriate, culturally relevant, scientifically accurate and non-judgmental education and information about HIV, AIDS and relationships. Our primary target is to provide basic need and rights for infected children.

Now, Saradha is our head student and is strong and healthy. Saradha is very focused, disciplined, and helps with various responsibilities of caring for and teaching the children. Saradha is determined and on her way to becoming, as she says, "a good social worker like my father (Rajkumar)".

Since arriving at Baby Life Home, Kushal Bhandari has become very disciplined and all his former bad habits have naturally disappeared. He is an intelligent, creative and very sensitive (as all the kids are) young teen, and he helps with various responsibilities of caring for his "brothers and sisters". He is filled with hope. Worring about dying soon is far gone. He is now determined to become a mechanical engineer and enjoys studying and creating designs/drawings. It certainly appears there there is nothing which will hold him back from becoming a mechanical engineer.

Note : You can follow and visit Baby Life Home for many other infected children's stories and progress. Now we are providing food, medication and education for 23 HIV-infected children in our home.